Save the Tassy Devils!

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On Wednesday the 18th of November, Vortex Air was responsible for the safe transportation of thirty-nine Tasmanian Devils to the Forestier Peninsula on the South Eastern Coast of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devils were released into the wild, a huge milestone to re-establishing a disease-free, wild population in Tasmania. 


Cheif Pilot, Peter Tucker flew our brand new Cessna Caravan, VH-IOV with the thirty-nine devils onboard in their travel tubes. Fortunately there were no escape artists among the group and they all landed safe and sound.


The Devils were released into the wild, some were slow to venture out of their transport tubes while others were happy to explore their new homes.

A devil-proof fence at Dunalley and the natural barrier of the Dennison Canal will isolate the devils on the Forestier and Tasman peninsulas, ensuring the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease does not return to the area.


A big congratulations to all those involved on such a huge achievment for the Tasmanian Devil population. Vortex Air is extremely proud to support the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

Head to the Save the Tasmanian devil webpage to find out more or make a donation to a well deserved cause.