Payments & Cancellations

1. Unless otherwise authorised by Vortex Air, payment shall be made prior to the flight departing. If other terms are specified the invoice shall be paid within the terms of the invoice, otherwise interest may be charged on the outstanding amount at a rate of 14.5%.
2. If the charter is based on a variable cost/hourly rate an estimate of the cost will be issued and the difference invoiced/refunded after the flight has concluded.
3. A deposit may be required on confirmation of a charter to secure the aircraft.
4. If you have to cancel a flight subsequent to booking confirmation, the following scale of charges will apply:

25% of the charter price if cancelled after the execution of this agreement
50% of the charter price if cancelled within 7 days prior to (Scheduled time of departure) STD
75% of the charter price if cancelled 48 hours prior to STD
100% of the price if cancelled with in 24 hours of STD